For over 17 years, Marijuana Healings has been the top destination  for all  medical marijuana needs. We are  proud of our expertise and experience. We can therefore confidently challenge you that our services are timely,reliable, secured and consequently worth the while.

Mindful of the nature of the product, we have taken all necessary steps to ensure the security and privacy of our client.We therefore guarantee absolute safety as you deal with us. We equally either resend orders or refund payments in case of any unforeseen mishap.

We possess a passion for truly helping people receive the optimum relief and benefit through medical marijuana. Owing to the fact that we see all humans as equal and therefore entitled to benefit from this miracle plant, we do not discriminate. Hence, NO MEDICAL CARD IS NEEDED!

We pride ourselves on our superior customer service assisting you, the patient with whatever questions or concerns you may have through every step of the ordering process. We put the customer first and pride ourselves off of our many repeat, lifelong customers and the relationships we have developed along the way.


Quick Reliable Shipping

We offer shipping and tracking with all orders. Tracking information is given IMMEDIATELY when orders are shipped. We also give a notification e-mail when your payment is received.


Cost Effective Shipping

We ship directly to your door or post box! Quality medical-grade marijuana! With the price of gas nowadays, we can save you money. We also offer discounts for customers with a medical condition and prescription, repeat customers and customers placing bulk orders.



With the many relationships with expert growers we have developed over the years, we consistently provide the customer with products of superior quality. You can trust Marijuana Healings for being the ultimate online dispensary.


Who We Are

We are a group of cannabis loving enthusiasts working in collaboration with expert growers, medical doctors etc, that enjoy experiencing new strains and edibles and passing them onto our friends and customers. Looking at the alcohol industry, we realize the social harms and destruction that alcohol creates across communities. Instead of opening a cold beer & wine store or getting in the bar business we chose to go for the safer alternative.

We look forward to helping you with all your medical marijuana needs.

Marijuana Healings

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