Marijuana oil

Marijuana oil

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What is medical marijuana oil 
Medical marijuana oil, also called cannabis- or THC oil, is derived from all parts of the marijuana plant and mostly contain high concentrations of THC. Especially the buds of the plant (which are for sale in coffeeshops) contain a lot of trichomes where THC is formed.  But it can be easily made: Make your own cannabis oil

What is CBD oil 
Cannabidiol oil is extracted from all parts (leaves, flower buds, stems) of the hemp plant and therefore also known as hemp oil. Because of the powerful effect and because of the legal status, this oil is increasingly becoming more popular, and is available in various forms. Further down the text more detailed info will follow.

What is hemp seed oil
Hemp seed oil is extracted from seeds of hemp plants and does not have the powerful proportions of marijuana oil and CBD oil, but it does offer tremendous benefits for our body. Seed oil contains many beneficial vitamins, minerals and fatty acids in just the right composition and it ensures a well functioning immune system.

What is hemp seed oil+
Hemp seed oil plus is regular seed oil with extra THC and CBD added, so this product has beneficial properties of both the healthy ingredients of hemp seed,  hemp and marijuana.