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Plus Gum

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Plus Gum is a new product made with quality ingredients EXCLUSIVELY in the Bay Area!  Plus Gum is a convenient way to get medicated while enjoying a healthy snack that will provide many additional benefits!  Each pack of cannabis infused gum comes with 6 pieces per pack with 25mg of cannabis in each piece!



-Most edibles take hours to start working.

-Plus Gum starts working in as few as five minutes. When the flavor is gone, the medicine has been fully absorbed.

-Our active medical ingredients are absorbed in your mouth, not in your stomach.

-Plus Gum is a small dose, fast acting medicine.

-Plus Gum lets you choose the medical experience that is right for you.



-Your medicine should match your healthy lifestyle.

-Each piece of Plus Gum contains less than five calories.

-We use only the highest quality extracts to make Plus Gum. Both our active and inactive ingredients are sourced from the best suppliers we can find, and every batch is tested by two independent labs.

-Plus Gum is good for your teeth. It contains Pure Birch Xylitol, which is recommended by dentists to prevent tooth decay.

-Plus Gum offers a guilt-free medical experience.



-Plus Gum tastes like spearmint gum. Not like cannabis.

-Our patent pending process removes the flavor and scent of cannabis in our extracts, while leaving the active cannabinoids.

-Medication should not assault your taste buds.

-We focus on delivering the best possible mouth experience. You will love the way it tastes.

-Plus Gum has a refreshing taste that lasts.